Friday, August 18, 2006

Someone's not wearing any underwear - and it's not me!

I had to post my Saturday Seven a little early because I'll be Yarn Crawling with my friend Melissa tomorrow. The title of this post refers to a family joke. Youngest of my daughters was playing at a new neighbor's house and came out with this statement. "Let's play a game." "Okay," says the neighbor. Youngest Daughter says, "Someone's hungry - and it's not you!"

Well, someone's not wearing any underwear. And it's not me - or Youngest Child. Part of this week's Seven were the toddler training pants that I oh-so-faithfully saved for the next child. Unfortunately, he only wants Spiderman and Nascar undies. Off they go.

More books, both novels and children's books, make up the rest. I could weed out lots more books but that would be too easy. Gilead was read for my book group and I was glad to pass it on. A thoughtful read - especially if you have an interest in religion.

I'll take lots of pictures tomorrow - it looks like we'll be going to Needlework Unlimited, the Yarn Cafe, Amazing Threads and possibly, Clickity Sticks. A good half-day's work!


your said...

phentermine nice :)

QoE said...

I wish I was going with you. It's a beautiful day to be shop hopping!

Ellen said...

It was a lovely day - now if I can only get knitting again!