Friday, September 08, 2006

Another (pre) Saturday Night . . .

This has been a hectic week and I am glad to be sitting down. Youngest Daughter had her birthday on Labor Day, school is already going at full speed, I had an emergency turn as carpool driver on Wednesday and we are getting ready to redo our parlor so that means looking at furniture, rugs, picking out paint chips, etc. We are trying to do this in a frugal manner - we are doing the painting and no wallpaper this time. We are also investigating recovering a favorite chair versus buying a new one - that kind of thing. But it all filled my week!

As a result of all this furniture talk, I am now an official member of Freecycle here in Saint Paul. This is a bulletin board kind of group finding new homes for all kinds of items from a new set of king sized sheets to church pews. Next week's Saturday Seven will mostly be furniture and larger household items.

I'd like to say that the theme for this week's collection was "luxury items" but that would be pushing it. I was looking for my biking shoes in the back of my closet this week and found a bunch of purses and shoes that were hiding out. The two purses - Coach brand! - are still in great condition but they are both over 12 years old. I've owned the brown one since before I moved to Minnesota! I used to have only one standard when it came to purses - they had to be large enough to fit a videotape and/or a diaper. I was only looking for a Utility Purse. Now, I'm looking for something a little more fun. The really amusing thing is that these styles are still being offered at the Coach Outlet Store near me. Someone will get a good deal. The shoes were just poor choices for me - I can count the times I wore the flip-flops on one hand, the loafers are Wide (my Youngest Daughter contributed those), the tennis shoes stretched when I wore them during pregnancy, the black sandals make an annoying "flip" sound when I walked (I admit being picky!) and the boots are just too pointy to be in style. They'll be going to Saint Vincent de Paul on Monday morning.

On the knitting front, I've been toting around my smaller knitting project, Puggyknits' Puggy Shruggy, all week. Unfortunately, I've only gotten to the end of one sleeve and the start of the main back. It's a lovely soft project but the yarn sheds and makes me sneeze! I'll need it soon - tonight the temperature will go down to 48 degrees F.

I've tried to get some detail in the second photo but I am hopeless at photography. I'll have to pick up that skill right after crocheting, quilting, web design . . .

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Kate said...

I don't get the attraction of flip flops. I don't like the sound they make, they make my toes hurt, etc. I went to see the Puggy Shruggy but couldn't find a picture. I love making shrugs. Perfect for weird MN weather in September and October!