Monday, September 25, 2006

This message brought to you courtesty of Lime (and Violet, too!)

Lime and Violet are officially my favorite podcasters!

As the official podcast of LazyDaisyKnits, they receive: nothing, nada, zero and zip. Sorry, Ladies! But I do take them everywhere and I'm having great time listening to back episodes. What I didn't enjoy was trying to save their darn button! I must be the only blogger who has such a blinkin hard time getting this set up. It all sounds so easy and then, two hours later, I've got nothing but a mess. You out there, you just listen to their podcast. They have earned an explicit rating over at ITunes but it's just because they let a few juicy words fly every once and a while. The actual topics are interesting and hysterical! And they really know their "Yarn Porn" - I've been checking out almost every yarn they mention. I'm especially interested in one yarn Lime is using called "Wicked Forrest." I definately think I'm more of a Lime than a Violet but they go perfectly together. Like peanut butter and chocolate - two great tastes that go together.

Unlike Saturday (when it poured rain and I cancelled a bike ride in order to listen - fully dressed for riding and with a bike in the car - to Lime and Violet), today is lovely so we're off to the gym. Later, a trip to a spinning/knitting store in order to pick up some extra fiber bits for the Halloween themed Art Fiber exchange on Swap Bot. I'm thinking spiders and cobwebs because I have some lovely soft grey shetland top to send. I'll post some pictures when I've got the whole batch put together.


Guinifer said...

I especially love when they do the yarn porn for us. Really cool that they share their sock patterns too.

Ellen said...

I am known to have someone in the passenger seat next to me scribble down the yarn names while we listen in the car. That way, I can look them up as soon as we get home!