Saturday, September 30, 2006

First fiber swap offering sent off!


I am participating in a Themed Art Fiber Swap (unwieldy title, that) which centers on Halloween and bugs. Lime and Violet clued me into this group but it's run by Yarnpunk over at Spinning on the edge. She has some amazing yarns! I think mine are fairly pedestrian - they are strictly for knitting with. Yet they are mine own and that's what I like about them.

When I went to mail the package today, the postal worker asked me if anything was flammable, etc. and I said, "No, it's fiber and it would take a lot of work to light it on fire." He said, "A whole box of fiber? Like, fiber you eat?" I flashed on a giant moth there for a second but replied, "No, wool fiber. For yarn." I am not sure he believed me.

Just for the record, my "bug" theme was "Spiders" and I put in all kinds of things for making a shadowy yarn or a cobwebby shawl. Grey shetland, purple corridale fleece, lavender Angora goat and plum/silver/black beads. I also made a few stitch markets, added a free pattern for beaded shawls and to round it out, tucked in some chocolate bars and a fantasy/horror novel I found which featured "the Queen of the Unseelie, the queen of darkness and shadows." She's a baddy, through and through! Oh, and a few spiders.

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