Friday, September 22, 2006

Good things sometimes make lousy photos

I think I mentioned that my husband, Oldest Daughter and I biked the 30 mile version of the Saint Paul Bike Classic on September 10. It was a great bike ride despite the horrible weather. Andy just looked at me and sighed as we drove to the race start. By the halfway point, we all agreed that it was a great ride and the Peace Coffee served midway at Como Lake pavilion was excellent. We do most anything for a free teeshirt and some free Aveda lipbalm!

So it's no wonder we look so crappy in these photos!

Note to family: I am begging for a new helmet for my birthday this year - this is possibly the all time dweebiest head protector ever.

As for the Saturday Seven - The photos are horrible. Mea Culpa.

I had another little bag of boy clothes for Baby Karl, including a lovely new pair of Merrills. The saleslady at REI was the first lousy clerk I've ever had at that store and she basically sold me the exact same size Youngest Son was wearing instead of the next larger size. But she wouldn't admit it to me. So, enjoy them, Karl. The other nearly unidentifiable items are a purse I am returning to my sister and some clothing for the Saint Mark's rummage sale. A pair of boots, some too-small bike shorts, a swim suit, and a pair of zip-off combination pants/shorts - minus the lost pants part. Some hiker will someday find those pants legs and wonder, "What happened to the rest of her?"

As for knitting - the Puggy Shruggy marches on - and I've been spinning again. I spent today with the indigo dyed fleece - it's spinning up a lovely faded jeans color - and overdyeing the failure fleece/yarn a great green. I promise I'll make those pictures soar!

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