Thursday, September 14, 2006

Finally, a few hours of daylight . . .

Like most bloggers, my best (and usually) only blogging is done late at night, ie., after my children have gone to bed. My free time is either spent trying to get in a little exercise (bike, run or swim), keeping a household on an even keel (about 45 degrees is the best we can do), cooking, preparing to cook, cleaning up after cooking and answering the question, "What's cooking?" (I have teenagers and toddlers - the bottomless pit of hunger combination!) Laundry, yard work, walking the dog, reading books, doing Sudoko and, of course, knitting are all quite incidental to what ever is planned for that day.

But, Youngest Child is now in preschool for two afternoons a week. Ahh! Near Silence!

I though I should use this time to update on the knitting front. Andy's brown sweater. Still working on it, don't rush me! Puggy's Neato Shruggy - love it and I'm about to the middle of the back. Baby Green Sweater - decided to change from Cottage Creations to Elizabeth Zimmerman's yoke sweater. I hated starting on the sleeves first so I ripped the whole thing (all of, what, three inches?) and started anew. A certain French teacher's Christmas present - which I will have to keep under wraps - but it is red, made of linen and uses a free pattern from Tia Judy's String and Air page. My lame-o green socks - I so tired of them only because I can't cable the Combination Knitting way on this pattern. Add in a few unfinished objects (a beaded bag, a needle felted bag, etc.) and I have the rest of my year planned out.

I have a short knitting attention span, don't I?

But, just to keep things fun - don't forget National Talk Like a Pirate Day, next Tuesday, September 19!

Try whipping up a little support at your house with Hello Yarn's wonderful free Winter Pirate Hat or Moth Heaven's great Kid's Pirate Hat. Ahoy there mateys, prepared to be boarded!

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