Saturday, February 09, 2008

"Don't forget the bag!"

According to Guinifer, I should keep the red bag and stow it in my trunk for last minute shopping trips. Today's Saturday Seven would have fit in quite easily. I was trying to get out my sewing machine to make some baby bibs for a friend's upcoming baby when I decided to clear out some of the clutter. Five quite dated sewing patterns, a small embroidery kit and another Girl Scout Song Handbook. Man, my house must be awash in these! Where are they all coming from??!

Youngest Daughter deigned to hold this scarf for me. After a heavy social schedule so far this weekend (a slumber party and a Girl Scout outing), she's feeling fatigued and can barely lounge on my chair and watch television. Notice the frog pajama pants!

I've begun marking the start of each repeated set of rows. There are supposed to be something like 29 sets - this is about five or six. So, instead of Kelley Petkun's "An inch a Day" for her socks, I am hoping to work on a set a day. That would make this finished in, oh, March. Which is still way ahead of the June Birthday deadline. But, not really bookin', I guess. Do people still say "Bookin?" I spent some time over at Crazy Aunt Purl's blog and she was lamenting leaving the 1980s behind and that is defininitely an '80s word.

And if that's hasn't given you a little flashback, check this out:

Ahh, remember watching videos? We have started recording "Pop Up Videos" on TiVo and every time the show is over, Mr. Daisy sighs.

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Guinifer said...

Oh! Cyndy Lauper and Flock of Seagulls, U2 and Madonna, and Duran Duran and Rick Springfield and remember Blinded Me with Science? Oh, and Devo? Video Killed the Radio Star...

Every night I fell asleep to MTV...