Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Not a loser!

See! I didn't let it beat me! I finished this bag while at our local caucuses last night. Now, I still don't have a button on the flap for the inner bag (the only one I had that fit the loop had "Izod" stamped on it!) but the whole bag is knitted, ends sewn in and washed once. This yarn requires a soak with vinegar to set the color but I washed it in the sink, soaked the bag and, then, wrang it out and ran it through the dryer with a towel. Beautiful!

I tried to take a picture with items in the bag to show the amount of stretch in the design - it's not a lovely photo but it does show how far the stitches stretch when items are in the bag.

As I was having my problems with the pattern, I emailed the Oat Couture people and got a very nice reply. Annie at Oat Couture reassured me when she mentioned that the picked up stitches on the bottom corners were somewhat "fudged." So, I just did what I could. I think I ended up using up extra yarn on the bottom - I ran out of Cotton Fleece and had to pick up another skein for the top. Maybe I'll make another for myself!

Oh, and the caucus was very neat - crowded, lots of political signs and discussion - but they needed better room signage. We were part of a small group of attendees wandering the halls looking for our precinct. Eventually, we found them and got to vote. Then, we went out for coffee and dessert. That's a combination I can support.

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Lorraine said...

What a gorgeous color! So glad the customer service was so nice, too.