Thursday, February 21, 2008

No kool aid will be drunk . . . but I am taking the plunge!

Between these cute little beasties . . .

and this podcast . . .

I have been inundated with crochet lately. Miss Marley over at Yarn Thing really makes it sound fun, too! So, I am taking the plunge. This weekend, while at my church's winter retreat, GFMelissa will be teaching me to crochet. After that, I'll be rushing back home on Saturday in order to pick up the World Travelling Daughters at the airport. Then, on Sunday, my first masters swimming meet at the University of Minnesota. I'll be swimming backstroke in a relay and, if there's time, the 500 freestyle.

Then, the Minnesota Knitters' Guild is having it's Winter Tea. So, when I was complaining about not having a social life, the Big Guy Upstairs must have heard me!

Since its likely I won't be around a computer on Saturday, I am posting my Saturday Seven early - without a picture.

While looking for suitable crochet yarn in my stash, I weeded out all my needles and yarns and got together a box of: two sets of straight needles, three skeins of Rowan Big Wool in pumpkin, three skeins of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed in the color Sigh, one skein of something unknown - worsted weight, a sock pattern and several tools like yarn bras, etc. It's a collective seven that's going off to Interim House for use in their substance abuse programs.


Yarn Thing said...

I can't wait to see your first project ;-) PLEASE don't tell me it is a granny square LOL!


Lorraine said...

It's gotcha now! Actually, I like to switch up the knitting and crochet. Gives my hands a chance to recuperate from any carpal tunnel stress that might be building.

Guinifer said...

OK, those ARE really cute little guys. What is the address for the Interim Project? I think I have a package to send them.