Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sad, so sad

What could it be? Theoretically, it's supposed to be the head of a little teddy bear. Unfortunately, it looks like a upside down baby booty. I had to have another quick crochet lesson from GFM (we had a secret meeting in the middle of an Open Gym full of preschoolers this morning. Don't ask - those little kids are really anti-crochet!) and figured out my stitch issues but, obviously, I don't have the "count your stitches in between increases/decreases" issues put to rest yet.

ON the knitting front, I took my baby sweater with me this weekend and, in between bouts of intense cross country skiing, crochet and swimming, I finished the two sleeves. I'll be working on the body this week. And, once I get this lumpy bear head ripped out and re-crocheted, I'll be working on the Little Teddy Bear pattern from Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts' Amigurumi.

Back to working on Lumpy the Bear.


Guinifer said...

Yep - I definitely thought it was a dolly booty. I can't talk though 'cu I don't hook.

Yarn Thing said...

Stick with it!!! The whole count thing gets the best of us!! Is there any way I could help?


Knittymama said...

It will get better, I promise!!! My first amigurumi looked the same and it turned out really cute.