Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sundays must be as good as Saturdays

Between illness, GS Cookie arriving and Crochet Insanity, I have very little to report this week. However, Youngest Child and I did a little sorting (we were actually looking for a lost toy) and I was able to pry these out of his little hands. I did have some fun trying to make a little tableau of them but, aside from the Mutant Turtle threatening Tinkerbell, I couldn't come up with much.

I now have another crochet head waiting for its crochet body - whew, is that stressful! And I have two sleeves and a body on the little red baby sweater - next up is the multi-colored yoke. Oh, and the lack of pictures is because my camera (which did return from Rome) needs a new battery. Until then, we'll do what we can at Chez Daisy with a cellphone camera. I promise to try harder next week!

On a lighter note - have you tried streaming audio yet? Or am I the last person to try this on my computer? I've been doing a little housekeeping on my computer today and listening to WYEP (or 91.3 FM) - a community supported radio station in Pittsburgh, PA. I used to listen to this when I lived in Pennsylvania and it is still great. We are members there despite living in Minnesota for 14 years.

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Guinifer said...

Looks like you dug to the bottom of the toybox!

I like to listen to the Stephanie Miller show in the mornings - I can't get 950 on any radio but the car.