Thursday, March 20, 2008

Give Lenten Hat a Chance.

Not many people are hoping for Lent to continue . . . but I could really use a little extra time for this hat. I've been fighting with Dobby's Sock - I don't care what people say, short row heels are NOT easier! - late into the evening every night this week. That's when I get my "grotto" time. Unfortunately, finishing up past midnight AND realizing I would have to rip it out again does nothing for me. My children are in school this week but we all have tomorrow off and I am hoping to sleep past 7 a.m.

I finished the short row heel and will complete the pair but just to say that I've done short row heels. Give me Evelyn A. Clark and a good ole' flap heel any day!

So, I've been trying to remember to work on the Lenten Hat - and failing. It's a lovely washable wool but I'm only knitting with size 4 needles. Slow going. Forgive the blue-ish tint to this photo. I had a few minutes outside school today and I actually had my phone charged so that I could take a photo.

I just need to buckle down to the Lenten Hat knitting tonight and tomorrow. I need to cheer up about it too - infusing my knitting with regrets doesn't make it much of a Lenten project!

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Guinifer said...

Short row heels seriously make me grumble - I think it's my main objection to the toe up sock.