Sunday, March 30, 2008

A short splash and then . . .

Yesterday, Youngest Child tripped over my IBook's power cord, pulling it out of my machine and into the dog's water dish. Although he did say, "Oops!" I managed to keep him from trying to plug it back in. After a long session of drip-drying in a sunny window, I think it has recovered. For the time being.

So, now that we are pretending it is Saturday, here's a shot of what I've been working on. The Paws to Remember scarf. Remember that I was planning on doing a repeat a day? Well, I have been for the last week and it is really moving along. I apologize for the color - my cellphone does funny things to yarn color.

The pattern has been easy to work on but, if you are really interested in a television show, there are a few places where you can get mixed up. I've been watching past episodes of "Bones" on my laptop (there's a great site called that allows you to view full television episodes over the internet) but it is harder on the old eyes AND harder to keep track of your pattern.

Youngest Child asked if it was his shawl and has been very disappointed.

The Saturday Seven was from Youngest Child. What is it about boys and their hoodies? I had to pry this "way too small" hooded sweat shirts away under the guise of doing laundry. They joined a pair of outgrown snow pants, two tee shirts, a pair of boxers/shorts and a pirate sword that someone left on our porch last Halloween. Its eyes glow and it talks when you press a button so Youngest has been avoiding it like the plague. Avast!

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