Saturday, March 08, 2008

Give me the grotto!

Every once and a while, you just need some time alone. One of the places I used to work at had a grotto out in the gardens. The outside was rough and ugly but the inside was beautifully painted and peaceful. It was used for meditation and time alone.

Today, while most of the family was out and all the chores done, I got to pretend I had my own little knitting grotto. Just me, a comfy chair, some dvds and lots of knitting. Lots. I really need to visit my own grotto more often. Unfortunately, the camera has not been returned to me after my daughters' dance last evening (believe me, they were lovely!) but that just gives me more time to knit. I've been working on a sailor's watch cap in Sandnesgarn's Smart washable wool in a kind of Cadet Blue and I took the red baby sweater up to the shoulders. Lovely.

Once again, I turned to my daughters' drawers for this weeks Saturday Seven. Seven hockey camp, girl scout and work teeshirts went to the rummage sale. I used to go to that rummage sale - they had great vintage knitting needles and craft items - but I am now afraid that I would bring home one of my own donations.

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Guinifer said...

Looks like more than 7 to me!

I like your "grotto" - we all should have one, no?