Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The kindness of strangers

I definitely have had to rely on the kindness of others recently, since my camera went to my daughters' dance a few weeks ago - and was dropped in the parking lot. So, until I get a new camera, I'll be using cell phone photos on the blog. This lovely thing (can't you imagine her singing, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President!") was at a doll meet I went to on Saturday. Youngest Daughter is very much into creating and collecting dolls right now and she is saving like crazy for a "dollfie" type of doll. We got to see lots of beautiful dolls and costumes. YD is hoping I'll take up doll clothes knitting very soon.

I am actually almost done with Alban's sweater but I haven't photographed it recently. I'll be stitching and cutting the front steek this weekend. Until then, I'm still working on a Amigurumi Teddy Bear and a pair of socks.


Guinifer said...

Love dolls.

She is gorgeous, by the way.

Lorraine said...

Pretty sweater. I've never attempted a steek. EEEK.