Friday, April 11, 2008

And watch out for Bambi!

Stephanie Pearl McPhee and I discussing the merits of April snow and socks.

This year, we managed to get to the Harlot before she melted into puddles of tiredness. She was an awesome speaker - I'll be reading her book this weekend - and Very Funny. Her story about walking through the wilderness for Beer and Toilet Paper was even better than reading it on her blog. Some people have a fear of Bambi . . .

Of course, we drove through a slush/snow storm to get there and Oldest Daughter's track meet was cancelled just after she succumbed to the Dread Flu. Coughing kept her up all last night - and me, too. When you hear someone clanking through your kitchen at 3 a.m. - let's just say that I wasn't thinking it my daughter. Lucky for her I didn't have my baseball bat handy!

Unfortunately, the bummer of the day was that I lost the pendant I am wearing in the picture above. When I got home, I had the broken chain around my neck but no pendant. I have no idea where I lost it and, with the snow, never may find it. Rats! The necklace was silver and Roman glass - I got it as a present and loved it.

Just an FYI - the online knitting magazine - Mag Knits - has gone out of business and their patterns are in server limbo. I had someone contact me today about whether I still had one of the patterns and I've been searching online for some of the ones I wanted. Try searching Ravelry for some of the links - what a bummer for all involved!

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Guinifer said...

Bummer about your necklace - I've had that happen and you just have to resign yourself to the loss...don't you? Hope the flu departs quickly - it just seemed to hang on and on at our house.