Saturday, April 05, 2008

Saving the world, one box of cookies at a time!

Naruto Uzumaki - my son's favorite character!

No pictures of knitting today - my phone camera is in need of changing. I did meet this young fellow today.

My daughters' Girl Scout Troop spent the day selling cookies at a booth sale at Anime Detour, a Minnesota convention dedicated to Anime, Manga, and Japanese culture. We sold nearly everything we brought and had a great time but, am I beat!

This Saturday Seven is really only a Saturday Three in this picture. The red sweater tee, a black knitted scarf and a tie all came from Oldest Daughter when she actually cleaned her room! The missing items are all in the wash right now - a red backback, a boy's shirt, underwear and socks. I found this bag of clothes (I suspect it was an "extras" bag for Youngest Child) out in the garage but it had a few up-close encounters with mice and now it's getting washed. Everything is too small now, of course.

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Guinifer said...

Had to laugh at your "extras" - been there and done that!