Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Egg and I

I had a great time at Yarnover today and learned a lot about Bohus Stickning from Susanna Hansson. I feel exhausted despite just sitting in a chair all day. Outside of class, I won a book, met some bloggers and saw some lovely knitted goods. Just about a perfect weekend!

The colors are just lovely - really rich and deep. I am seriously thinking about one of these on my "to do" list.

After we worked on our wristlets, we got a chance to show them off and see how different needles gave different gauge.

This Saturday Seven was a simple bookcase purge. Two book club books, some gifts and a school book from Youngest Daughter - I need the room for other things. Bye!

My favorite thing I worked on this weekend - however - wasn't the wristlet but this . . .

A Happy Egg from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli.


Guinifer said...

I love the little egg! The wristlet shot is cool. I didn't make it out of my knitting spot - I'm on round 3 of Sock Madness 2, sadly, my chances are not goo.

Lorraine said...

And you walked away with one set of needles!!! I am glad I didn't have much time because there were so many cool things. The handmade buttons and pottery were especially tempting.