Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sliding in sideways, with a cup of coffee in one hand and knitting in the other . . .

This has been one heck of a weekend - not actually busy but very full. From early on Saturday morning to late Sunday night, from snow to sunny, kids working, driving places - jampacked is the only word.

I finally fought my way through the button bands on Baby Alban's sweater. My advice to you is don't do the extra six stitches in the ribbing and just do regular picked up button bands. I ended up knitting the button bands about six times total and ended up stretching the one side - the left, button hole side - out. I think that this will fix up in the blocking. Tomorrow, blocking and sewing on buttons.

Not too crazy about the buttonholes, either. By the way, my daughter picked these bluebells on the way home from the park today - right after it began to snow again.

I finished the lace border on the Paws to Remember scarf. I think it will be more of a "Paws to Remember" shawl when it is blocked but, luckily, the recipient is tall!

The Saturday Seven was all sock related. My husband finally gave up four pairs plus my Halloween socks and two pairs of Ironman socks I got in goodie bags at races. I hate these socks - they are slippery and feel very artificial. Give me a plain old cotton pair any day! I have one more week to get things over to Saint John the Evangelist for their big sale. I recommend it.

I also recommend attending "Stitch, bitch and die!" over at the Bryant Lake Bowl. It was very silly - but fun is fun and the beer was great. Try "It's Greek to Me!" for dinner - it's great, too.

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Guinifer said...

What part of town is John the E. in? I have three yard bags full of stuff to donate sitting in my garage. I usually just pass them off the first people to call and offer to pick up, but I haven't had a call in a while.