Friday, April 04, 2008

Looking for sheep in all the wrong places . . .

When I pulled out my completed Dobby Sock (I am already on sock two, neverfear!), I found this little guy nestled in for a nap.

I think he must have wandered over from This Boy Knits. Michael has been having an infestation of Wee Ones over there.

I wouldn't have minded except he decided to start munching on the merchandise.

After gently shooing him away, here is Sock #1. I did do the short row toe as well - it wasn't as bad as the heel but it made the whole sock much longer. I'm a row gauge failure, you know.


Guinifer said...

Cute socks! We just got home from vacation today and we missed all that snow!

Lorraine said...

That wee fella sounds a little like my cats. One sleeps on the knits, the other one chews on them. LOL