Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Name is Harlot, Yarn Harlot that is!

She's back! And with a new book! Ooh! Of course, I'll be dashing though the snow (in April? She'll never come back again, now!) but GF Melissa and I are off to see the Harlot.

I may take along the Paws to Remember Scarf as I am officially on the edging right now. Last night I wound it around my neck and took a good look. It's not narrow enough to loop at the neck so I think I'll just make it long enough to tuck inside a dress coat. And the intended recipient is tall, so what's too long for my neck will be just right for hers.

More likely, I'll take along the second Dobby Sock. I'm on the mindless foot knitting right now - I did the short row heel on Tuesday while waiting at track practice for Oldest Daughter - and I wouldn't get to the toe in just one evening. That will require another long thinking session - I absolutely do not agree that this is an easier sock heel or toe. I don't think it's prettier or even neater. I also have on large hole at the instep that I never get anymore since I've started making Evelyn A. Clark's sock patterns. Grrr.

It's also going to be a big knitting weekend again as this is the Minnesota Knitters' Guild annual Yarnover. I am taking a class about Bohus Stickning and I am really looking forward to it! I love the Bohus patterns and look - but not the fuzzy yarn. And there will be shopping, of course! The location is at Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, Mn. All though Western Suburban knitters out there (you know who you are!) need to stop by Yarnover marketplace which will be open to all - even if you don't take a class!


Guinifer said...

Ooooh. When are the marketplace hours? Hopkins High is not so awfully far away from me....

Lorraine said...

I'm so tempted! I'm stuck at a dance competition in Bloomington all day Saturday.

Shhh, don't tell Dancing Diva but I may just disappear for a few hours after her comp piece and before the awards.

Debra said...

Hrm. This all sounds very familiar. I was at the Harlot event last night, and I'm attending the Bohus class on Saturday... :)

Have you checked out the non-angora bohus (or bohus inspired) projects on Ravelry? Adriane's "Fantom Bohus" is absolutely stellar. (Hello Yarn) She handspun each colorway, and it appears to have been patterned after 'The Blue Shimmer', although I would certainly call it inspiration only. :)

Anyway, see you Saturday!

Rani said...

Hi, Just found your blog through Of Faith and Fiber. I'm about to google Yarnover. Whoopeee! More yarn . . . just don't tell my hubby.

I'm off to read about that heavenly looking read scarf you posted about!