Saturday, October 18, 2008

MEA Weekend - now I really need a nap!

In Minnesota, this is a long weekend off school - designed to allow teachers to attend a statewide convention. While this is a very worthwhile event, it does make for some shellshocked parents. After Youngest Child's trips to the Y, lunch out with young friends and a hiking trip for fossils, I am ready for a nap.

He is, in fact, smiling in this picture.

The caterpillar seemed apprehensive. He may, in fact, be dead.

I did get to spend some time working on the Get Set for Winter Scarf - otherwise known as the Palindrome Scarf - this morning at soccer but my knitting time has been mostly absorbed into "entertain the children" time. I am so looking forward to Sunday!

Luckily, Dear Mr. Daisy cleaned out his dresser drawers: two pairs of gym shorts, a pair of sweatpants, one polo shirt and a sweater. I added a notebook from the Minnesota Knitters' Guild and a former Monday Night Book Club pick. It was worth reading but not re-reading. And the notebook is going to Oldest Daughter at college. She is getting a lot of knitting done while she works at the IT help desk.

Back to cleaning up the playdough!

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Guinifer said...

Some days I wish for a (paid)job where I could knit all day....