Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Nite Fun - again

First off, let's look at a little knitting.

Youngest Daughter modeled these while they were all stiff and wet. I think they are looking better now that they've dried out a bit. I'll put up another photo later.

I do really like the similar-but-not-the-same stripes.

I cleaned out my knitting bag last night - time to start up on the February Lady Sweater and my scarf again. I'm also doing a little balling up of wool that I spun as well as washing some yarn from a poncho that I frogged. I always liked the yarn but not the design. I think it will be enough for a vest.

The homespun might work for a shawl or a scarf - maybe even a baby sweater. I'm have to figure out my yardage first.

What else has been claiming my time, you say? Oh, just a Wii Fit. Yes, every night since we got back from Christmas break, we've been very competitively working on becoming "King of the WII." So far, my favorite is the Rhythm Boxing but I am really doing best on the Yoga. I also like the fact that it weighs you every time you sign in. I really wish that I'd worked more on my hula-hooping as a child, though!

I've also been doing some of the video workouts on You Tube. Take a look at the Spark People video for today. It's not really great film - but it is good for you . . .

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Guinifer said...

Oh, the mittens are really gorgeous - I love that you put the stripes in different spots!