Friday, January 16, 2009

Time for another tissue run!

Yep, Youngest Child passed on his cold. He may be back at school but I am out of commission. I have used some of my down time for knitting - but mostly, I've been hitting the cold medicine and the tissue box. As for the weather, the one good thing is that my February Lady Sweater is made of alpaca so it is toasty warm to knit! I am hoping that Maddy over at Chez Maddy has been able to get some "Freezing Day" knitting in place of her "Snow Day" knitting.

I do have some photos - but some reason, the old blog software has been trying to post them sideways - let's hope this works!

I am enjoying this pattern - very memorizable - and once again, loving that Alpaca!

In the meantime, try a little Friday Film. As the mother of an accordion player, I give this two chords up. Now, back to my drippy nose . . .

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Guinifer said...

I have been snifflin' for at least a week now.