Saturday, January 10, 2009

If the sun is shining . . .

It must mean I have a sick child at home. I don't really mind being the stay-at-home-one right now while everyone else gets to run errands or off to the library. The YC is pretty happy just watching "The Princess Bride" on the couch.

Here's the Sick Youngest Child during happier, healthier days.

We are a thrifty family - I always cut off the feet of the footie pajamas when they wore out. In fact, I just heart YC telling one of his school friends that he used to have footie pajamas - only his didn't have the feet anyone.

If things stay quiet here, I'm pretty sure I can guilt someone into a trip out for cross country skiing. That's a great calorie burner, even if you are a slug like me. I ski strictly on the trails. I do like it though, it's almost like open water swimming - being out by yourself, moving on your own power.

This week's Saturday Seven was a result of putting away the Christmas presents. I weeded out the puzzles that I wanted to keep for rainy days, one ones being kept for the next generation (many years from now, I hope) and the ones I think could go to my church's junior church program. So, three puzzles, two plastic boxes of crayons, another coffee mug (good grief, these things must be multiplying like the ice cube trays!) and yet another Sponge Bob Square Pants video. Like Patrick, like Gary - hate the whole cartoon. It just gets on my nerves. I think it's because the show is a mix of childhood sweetness and sassy, teen-aged bathroom humor. One just ruins the other for me.

Enjoy the Sun!

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