Saturday, January 24, 2009

Something good to eat

Today I had a lovely break from routine with my book group friends - we all went out for tea to celebrate one member's birthday. It was at Lady Elegant's Tea Room and we had a delicious time. After coming home for a brief nap, I discovered that DH had been practicing making ravioli. Ah, so much for calories today!

This Saturday Seven is a little pathetic. I was following some suggestions from the Fly Lady website and I cleaned out my sock drawer. I have undies and socks in the same drawer so three pairs of socks, two wretched but new bras and a travel bag that doesn't work in this time of quart plastic bags And one book leftover from a class. That actually wasn't in my sock drawer - but it was nearby. I bought the bras because they were the new version of what I had - but they are so scratchy because of the "tagless" sewing that I couldn't bear it. Hopefully, they can go to someone who doesn't mind it.

The large pink socks were actually the first pair of socks I knit for myself outside of a class. I thought I could shrink them but I unfortunately used non shrinkable wool so they never got any smaller. The grey socks were also hand knit - an okay fit but a little too thick for me.

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