Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not exactly flashing the stash -

I had a little time to myself today whilst waiting for the dishwasher repair person to arrive (11-3 p.m. is a long time to be hanging around the house!) so I decided to check through my stash and see if all my yarns were photographed for Ravelry yet. Well, most of them were but . . .

several "project oriented" yarns were not and I decided to get things organized. I will warn you - I bought most of these during the last year and some maybe even earlier. It's not like I fell off the yarn wagon this weekend. Oh, wait, I did that at the Bohus Stickning exhibit. Last weekend.

I bought this Fat Fairyhare yarn at the Kimmet Croft booth last year at Yarnover - I think for a baby present but if I have enough - maybe a vest for me? I had to enter this yarn on Ravelry - I have a hard time thinking that I'm the only one who bought this! It's very nice - the owner of Stagecoach Yarns was the dyer for the "Poems of Color" Bohus book and she spoke at the Radiant Knits exhibit. She also took over the Kimmet Croft shop last year. Right now, however, she is taking a leave of absence and won't be selling yarn for a while so I might have to wait a long time to get any more of this soft Kimmet Croft Yarn from her.

These two Filatura Di Crosa yarns came together in a kit for a scarf that I bought at the MKG December meeting. It was going to be a birthday present for my sister. Now that that's over, I might make it for one of my daughters' birthdays.

These three softies are going to be baby hats - probably the Marshmallow Hat from Itty Bitty Knits. I wish I could use them for myself!

I probably bought these shiny and soft skeins of cotton yarn last spring from Michaels. I think I would buy Patons Grace yarn just based on their names alone - Azure and Sky. They were probably meant for baby clothes but since I just picked up Color Splash Dishcloths by Evelyn A. Clark - I might make some face cloths for gifts.

Now, back to the dishwasher!

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