Saturday, March 07, 2009

The best place to be

The First Pancake Daughter and I at the Saint Paul Bike Classic.

Oldest Daughter came home from college for a doctor's office visit on Friday. Nothing big, just one of the shot updates recommended for college students these days. Well, she was never one for shots and it hit her hard. I'd forgotten how being sick at home feels better than being sick at school - now, if only we hadn't sent all her clothes to school. I think there will be some sisterly sharing going on by the time she leaves on Sunday night.

Since we are all hanging out tonight, we had a couple of hot games of Farkle.

Don't know what Farkle is? Well, you must not have been to Ingebretsen's in Minneapolis then! This is a pretty fast dice game which requires no cards, the counting is easy, and it can be taught in just a few minutes. It also uses a lot of strategy which is why Middle Daughter was playing the "Angel/Devil on your shoulder" role. She won, by the way.

Today's Saturday Seven was a simple drawer and shelf clear out. A flannel blanket, a couple of books, some pants from Youngest Child and one unfortunately chosen hat. Now I can get back to the knitting with a clear conscience.


Tonyia said...

Here's hoping your daughter is feeling better! It's nice to have them back, and to let them be our 'little ones' again from time to time. Everybody likes to be fussed over occasionally, don't you think?

Guinifer said...

Yea, sometimes I'd even like to go "home" to be ill.

Hasn't Farkle been around for a long time?