Friday, March 13, 2009

Robots ate my brain

Well, that may be an overstatement. I really think he only showed up for the cake.

Youngest Boy just turned six and we are planning his "real" party for an upcoming weekend. Robots are the interest of the moment so I'm designing a "Robot Lab" birthday party. Youngest Daughter created the birthday robot artwork and we'll be making matching cupcake toppers, a "Pin the part on the Robot" game, as well as a "Feed the Robot" game. That's the classic "Clothespin in the bottle" game for all you oldsters out there!

I'm considering how much time I should spend on making crafts for the gift bags - either "plushies" or amigurumi robots like this one from La Fee Crochette. Pretty cute!

My baby sweater is moving along pretty slowly but I have discovered I love Blackberry Stitch!

Front - aran sweater
Originally uploaded by humbledaisy

In the meantime - enjoy this glimpse into Robot Life:

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