Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Follies

AFter a very exciting few days of "Dog on, Dog off" - I'll leave it to you to decide which end of the dog is connected - and the resulting dog walking, I am finally getting ready for the Minnesota Knitters' Guild Knitting Retreat. I'll be loading up the car and heading out very soon - but I thought you might like to see a few knitting delights first:

My package from Hong Kong arrived! Yep, the yarn I won from the Vestuary contest - from Traveller's Yarn of Yarn Workshop - came today.

It is lovely and has a very subtle lanolin smell - much like handspun - and a nice firm amount of twist. It would look very nice in the Aran Sweater pattern I'm making right now!

Speaking of which, I was hoping to be bound off at the shoulders right now. Despite my lack of knitting time, I am still in love with these cables. Why have I never done Blackberry Stitch before? Love it!

For my trip - I may be overestimating my time but I am bringing my baby sweater, a pair of half-done socks and my spinning wheel. I'll need to get into spinning shape for Shepherd's Harvest - I am taking the Novelty Yarns spinning class on Sunday. And don't forget to stop by the Minnesota Knitters' Guild knitting help table . . .

And in the meantime - check out this film:

Enjoy your weekend!

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Guinifer said...

My current project has a "trinity" stitch pattern and it looks similar to that center panel on your sweater. I love how it's turning out. (Both my project and yours!)