Saturday, March 28, 2009

Down to the line . . .

With tomorrow's Robot Birthday Party looming on the horizon, I've been spending a lot of time this week researching crafty "robot" themed games and crafts. I think I blame the Twitter updates from Craft and Make magazine - each Tweet is better than the next!

These two little guys were real learning projects for me - I discovered I making a double crochet stitch every time I thought I was making a single crochet stitch. They are from the Crobots book and they were very fun to decorate. The large buttons will make wheels for the smaller robot. These will be prizes for "Feed the Robot" and "Pin the part on the robot."

I combined two different birthday banners for this project - the Birthday Banner from SouleMama and another made up of letters on circular scrapbooking paper which I unfortunately forgot to bookmark. I am sewing the banner but pining on letters to spell out "Happy Birthday."

It was a lot of fun picking out scraps of fabric to make up the banner - very circus like! There is a great tutorial on making the banner over here.

Martha Stewart Twitters as well - so I used her magazine's Bottle Cap pins and magnets as one of the items in our "goody" bags.

I cut out circles with small robots on them from some robot-themed fabric that I bought from Crafty Planet. GFMelissa gave me some of her bottle cap collection so I used craft glue to fix the circles in the caps.

Dear Mr. Daisy mixed up the clear casting cement and poured it into each of caps. After they set for 72 hours, I hot-glued magnets and pin backs to them.

Some of them worked better as magnets - I think it had to do with the weight of the casting cement.

Craft magazine led me to the customized cupcake toppers over at The Naughty Secretary Club. I had one of my daughters draw some robot heads and scan them. I think they will be a little big as cupcake toppers but - hey, at least I didn't have to make a Robot Cake!

For this week's Saturday Seven, I found these books while cleaning out some bookcases at our house. I don't usually give away Bibles but one of my daughters received this as a gift in third grade. She has at least two other copies that she uses so I don't feel too bad giving this one to a rummage sale.


Guinifer said...

Isn't it nice to think that someone will pick up that bible and treasure it?

LadyBugCrossing said...

You are so creative!!! I love your ideas. I'm going to use some of them (I'll not do robots, but something else) for LLB's party this summer. Hope you don't mind!