Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Robot Day Smiles!

Yep - it was a busy two hours but Birthday Boy loved his Robot Birthday Party. Look at that smile! He is wearing a name tag made from a full-page sticker sheet. The opening activity was coloring name tags - we had their names already printed.

After getting in a quick game of "Feed the Robot" - clothespins in the bottle - we made robots out of art supplies.

Youngest Daughter drew the cute robot for "Pin the part on the Robot" and then the whole gang broke out the moves for some "robot dancing." You haven't laughed until you watched 10 six year olds dance and sing along with "Yellow Submarine!"

Knitting-wise, I'm getting ready to start binding off at the arms. I think I've spotted one faulty cable - perhaps some severe blocking will help?


Tonyia said...

Very cool party. The boy is obviously LOVED! Way to go!

Guinifer said...

The party looks like a blast!

I see NO random cables at all - looks mighty good to me.