Sunday, April 19, 2009

Better late than never!

After a full day of knitting fun over at Yarnover, I finally buckled down to face this:

The Sven Svetter on Saturday night.

Here's the Svetter on Sunday afternoon. Notice the difference? Realizing that I would see Mother of Sven on Monday night and it would be the perfect time to deliver the goods, I finally added the collar and blocked it.

Here's another shot. I've heard that there will be a "Digital Photography class for the Fiber Addict" at next year's Yarnover and, dear God, I need it.

I took a class on "Entry Level Entrelac" from Joan Schrouder and thoroughly enjoyed it. She explained it simply yet thoroughly (I am the student who is always one step behind) and brought lots of real-life examples. I'm thinking of using it in a purse - or perhaps a scarf.

Just a F.Y.I - Joan is going to be at the Sock Summit this year as well. Sigh.

I had this Saturday Seven photographed several days ago but since I was way behind of the knitting, I thought I would save it for today. Six shirts from Youngest Boy and one race car driver outfit. He is way bummed that it doesn't fit anymore!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. What a gorgeous sweater. The recipient is very lucky.

Guinifer said...

I think I'll just keep blaming the camera...

Stephanie Pearson said...

Sven's Mother - Loves the Svetter! Thank you so muh for the beautiful sweater. I will get pics of my little Swede in the Svetter! :)