Friday, April 10, 2009

Inappropriate Tweeting led to her downfall

I am a little hesitant to post this photo since the last time I tried to show off the Blackberry Stitch portion of my Child's Aran Sweater, I discovered that I had sent it only to author Neil Gaiman's Twitter feed instead of out into the general ether.

And the title? Red Light Knitting. Which, if you are a knitter, is a funny title. The knitting was on my lap and the photo taken in my car. I had been knitting at on ramps again.

If you are an author, it is probably a red flag that someone is sending you an inappropriate photographic advertisement for their evening job.

I've worked my way a few inches into the second sleeve and I'm hoping to be able to sew it together next week. It's finally nice in here in Minnesota and the good weather plus the Easter holiday will be cutting into my knitting time. Maybe I'll have some photographs of the egg dyeing and Hot Cross Bun making going on here at Chez Daisy.

In the meantime, enjoy this Friday Film: A True Paean to Sock Knitting

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