Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blue skies ahead!

It is very chilly in Minnesota right now (I've heard it was snowing in Grand Marais but that's pretty far north of here!) but the grass has definitely turned green and the sky is blue, blue and more blue.

Remember this?

And this?

. . . which is now this?

Well, I've found another blue fiber here. I must restrain myself. I have about three old projects and two possible new projects right now.

I am lucky that WC Mercantile is located in Texas because I like everything in their shop. The Blue Belle Corridale, however, just really appeals to me. For me, blue isn't a sad color but a happy one. Now if it would just get a bit warmer so I could enjoy our blue skies!

(And I need to say thanks to the folks over at Phat Fiber for spreading the word about this fiber shop. I'd actually just heard about the Phat Fiber Sampler (a box of spinning fiber from different producers) on the podcast "Stash and Burn" and now I am really glad I took a further look.)


Guinifer said...

Think of it as kind of an icy blue, no?

scarletti said...

Gorgeous blues! Blue sky with a promise of warmer days!