Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday - what can I say?

I haven't even picked up my needles today.

Laundry, cleaning, trips to the compost and brush sites - it's all eaten the day away.

After posting this, I may weed some more. Or I may take a nap. Stay tuned!

I realized that I never put up a photo of my Pagewood Farms Hand-dyed sock yarn in the Bird of Paradise colorway. I didn't even put it up on my Ravelry stash page. Spread out into a shawl, the yarn is much lighter than this picture would indicate. Still lovely, though!

I think I was trying to pretend I didn't buy it at Wolf Creek Yarns this past Christmas vacation. If I don't put up photos, it didn't happen.

My Saturday Seven also appeared out of the blue.

I was simply trying to pull out my spring clothes from my "under the bed" storage and three pairs of sweatpants, two heavy knit nightgowns, 1/2 of a set of pajamas and a light-up pen from Carnegie-Mellon University jumped into the Give-a-way Box.

Time to go avoid doing any more work for at least 1/2 hour.

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Guinifer said...

You've discovered my secret! Out of sight, out of mind!