Friday, May 01, 2009

May I Day?

Yes, I may. I give myself permission to enjoy being stay up late, enjoy knitting and enjoy new yarn!

This is the latest shipment of Scout's Swag Sock Club. I was pretty down for a while because I thought I hadn't replied to the invoice. In fact, I even sent some sad, "Where is my sock yarn?" emails to Scout. But ta da, the yarn arrived!

Yellow & Purple Orchids in the Como Conservatory, in St Paul, Minnesota
Originally uploaded by michele123m

And this is the flower photo of Orchids that inspired Scout's Swag. She used the themes of Project Spectrum from East - May/June - and made a lovely, cheerful skein of yarn. Socks? Baby sweater? Hmm.

Until then, I'll enjoy working the rest of my Swallowtail Shawl.

It has a lovely diagonal grid pattern going on - I'm still not to the edging - but I love the flow of the pattern.

Since the weather is fine, I'm going to go hang some laundry out on the line. This is definitely not my Laundry Room featured in this week's Friday Films.

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Guinifer said...

I opted out of Scout's club this time around. Her colors are great but her base is a little fine for me.