Saturday, May 16, 2009

A back loaded week.

I should really work on getting those blog posts spread out more evenly through the week but somehow, the start of the week just rushes by. And it isn't really full of anything exciting for a blog post, either.

My Minnesota Knitters' Guild board meeting (meeting new board members and discussing projects) was pretty much the highlight. Oh, and maybe my Masters Swimming. I'm getting ready for both an open water swim and a triathlon so I'm trying to up my workouts and not worry about the events too much. GF Melissa does all the worrying for me!

Oldest Daughter is getting ready to come home from school for a short while before she moves into her new sorority house apartment. I'm not too excited about her new home's security arrangements but I'm hoping she knows she can always live at home should things not work out. There! That should get her making new keys and lock boxes before you know it!

In the meantime, I'm using her bedroom to store a few newly-chosen, freshly "hand me down" garments. A skirt, three long-sleeved tops, a polo shirt and two men's shirts. Just like mother used to make give away!

And, in case this blog's Saturday Seven has given you ideas about better ways to cut through the clutter without things ending up in the waste stream, I recommend the new Brenda Dayne Cast On series, Make Do and Mend.

I love the idea of mending something instead of throwing it out so I am really looking forward to this series. And I am really coveting Brenda's Lisle sweater.

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