Saturday, May 09, 2009

Party, party, party!

An early start earned me some lovely plants from the Minnesota Friends Plant sale

- including some bloodroot and lavender cotton for dyeing fiber.

This is one giant sale - I think most people think it's going to be like a yard sale but they fill the grandstand at the State Fair.

Today, I got dinner and a show - a burger & fries and a sheep shearing! - over at Shepherd's Harvest Lamb and Wool Show.

I must have a knack for crowds.

Visitors came thick and fast to the Minnesota Knitters' Guild table once they found out it was the check in place for the Ravelry Meetup at noon. I helped hand out buttons and then went browsing . . .

I think I found my soul yarn.

Briar Rose Josephine yarn. It is so soft - 75% coopworth/25% mohair - and 275 yards of DK weight. What to make, what to make.

I did start a pair of basic fingerless mitts to wear but I only finished one. This was the Oak Lichen fiber that I spun up at the MKG Retreat back in March.

Here's my one-handed Twilight impression:

And it's a pear as well!

The party continues tomorrow with an afternoon spinning class over at Shepherd's Harvest.

Saturday Seven - easy stuff but . . . I just don't remember if I've used this one before. You see, sometimes I stockpile Saturday Seven photos in preparation for hard (read "busy") times. I set up three or four photos way back in April and I think this is the last one. Maybe. I searched for the image and didn't see it so I'm assuming this is the one I assigned to this weekend.

A pair of pants, four tee shirts, a belt and a belt hanger. Off to a rummage sale.

Enjoy your Mother's Day weekend!!

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Guinifer said...

So now we know your secret!