Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday - again.

This week lies in the great valley between "last day of classes" and "finished with finals" for my teen aged daughters. Theoretically, they are studying but mostly, they are getting on each other's nerves.

So, I've been trying to stay out of their way and get a bit of laundry done. I've been hoping to go see Star Trek for, oh, the third time but real life has been interfering as usual.

Laundry brought this Cool Wednesday to mind. No one uses diapers around here anymore but if I did, I would do this:

Make your own (or my own) cloth baby diapers!

Knitting-wise, I think this is one cool tool. I've been thinking about making some baby hats and this would make things a bit more exciting.

Think of it as the new summer movie: "Stripenator III: The Rise of the Random Stripe Generator."

The Third Cool Thing of the Day: I'm a Pittsburgh girl at heart. I wish I could raise bees but I don't have enough room here in Saint Paul. These guys have the right idea. I think I could get this shown at my local drive in movie:

Bee Force: Breaking Training II.""

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Guinifer said...

Can I just say that my boys are doing the same thing?