Saturday, May 23, 2009

If there are no photos of a Saturday Seven, does it exist?

Yes, indeedy it does. Seven long-sleeved shirts from myself, my daughters and my husband. Photographs don't matter - it's Memorial Day weekend, after all! - and I've got other things to do.

This morning I went swimming at our local outdoor pool. It was opening day and the fountains were on, the sun was shining, the lifeguards in place and the popcorn popping. Despite this, after the local swim team left, I was the only swimmer in the whole complex. It was a very odd feeling!

I've worked my way down to the final edging of my Swallowtail Shawl; now I am getting a wee bit worried about running out of yarn. The shawl pattern calls for for one skein of Misti Alpaca Lace - 437 yards - and my yarn choice - Yukon Hand Dyed Sock Yarn from Pagewood Farm - has 450 yards. Talk about eking it out to the end!

I just worked past the "nupp" section of this pattern - it's a series of five "bobbles" each made out of one stitch. It's an Estonian knitting technique and creates a bumpy surface. I think I just like to say it. Nupp. Nupp. Nupp.

Luckily, Oldest Daughter brought the boxed set of Bones: Season One home from school so I'll be able to have some late nights knitting.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

And if you are in the Twin Cities area, I recommend the 12th Annual Civil War Memorial Day Walking Tour on Monday at 11:30 a.m. at Oakland Cemetery. This two hour walking tour is an interesting look into the Civil War history of Saint Paul. It's free but they do ask you to bring your own water. We have attended in the past and are going again this year.


Knittymama said...

I'll have to remember that tour for when the boys are bigger!

I'm impressed you've already hit the pools. I need it to be sweltering before I'll venture in:-)

Guinifer said...

Love the shawl-the color is great!