Friday, April 17, 2009

Films minuscules de vendredi!

I like to think that I am used to knitting on small needles: I've always had a problem with loose knitting gauge and so I usually go down two or three needle sizes from what's called for in a pattern.

Althea Crome of Bugknits is a knitting designer (she calls it extreme knitting) specializing in very, very small items. 1:12 scale gloves, hats, sweaters and even baby booties. These are truly amazing

Most recently, if you have seen the movie "Coraline," you have seen her knitting. This week's Friday Film is a short film about her work and the knit wear used in the film:

As for the real knitting going on around here (Child's Aran Sweater: knit on size 4 & 5 needles), I am hoping to finish it today and get it sewn up. This may or may not happen. The sun is shining, I have air in my bike tires and I really need to prune those roses before they grab another innocent passerby. Also, TOMORROW IS Yarnover!

Yes, I am excited. I am taking Entry Level Entrelac and volunteering at the lunch table. Need to know if there are nuts in that cookie? I'm the girl to see. Ask GF Melissa about my skills at this job!

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Guinifer said...

Those tee-tiny needles make my fingers ache!