Thursday, March 12, 2009

You may already be a winner

Okay - this was already a hectic week. What with birthdays and birthday cake baking, meetings and snow storms - I have been one busy lady.

But what straightens out a knitter's life?

Free Yarn!

I found out that I won a vest worths of Bellingen Yarn from The Yarn Workshop after participating in the Vestuary knit-a-long on Ravelry. Bellingen is a soft, machine washable worsted weight yarn and I am so looking forward to it! And, it's just about the right temperature outside for wearing my Vestuary Vest.

Then, the week got better.

Free Swim Stuff!

I also won an AquaTowel because I came in first in my age group (40-45) at the Northfield Pentathlon masters swim meet. In this meet, you swim five individual events and it was the first time I'd swum butterfly since high school. The towel - well, we'll see how that works - but the meet? I'll be there next year! It was a great reintroduction to swimming.

Now I can just go back to my gloating and knitting . . .

Youngest Child is home from school so that means no swimming but lots of knitting.


Tonyia said...

Wow! You swim on a team?! COOL!

I've looked at going to swim with the Northfield Master's, but they swim at an ungodly early hour. It's one of those "I gotta get to that" things...

Thanks for the tip on the KitchenAid going on your island. Now I know the answer - I gotta get a new island!!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Congrats on your towel and your butterfly!!! I never could do a decent butterfly... But for a free towel, I might have been willing to try!
I wish I had a pool closer - I'd join our Master's team... It's just too far and they swim too late. I'd fall asleep on the way home...