Saturday, July 11, 2009

All my eggs in one basket.

Yes, even on vacation, I gave things away this week.


My sister in law raises chickens and gave me about three dozen eggs. Well, we were leaving for Saint Paul and hadn't finished them so I gave the rest of them to my mother. About two dozen - which should have kept me for about two Saturday Sevens - but then I visited her and we made egg salad.

I guess it doesn't count for giving away if You actually ate them!

We were very hungry because earlier that day, we went swimming at a beautiful state park in Pennsylvania, Morraine State Park. It is a man made lake built in the 1960s and would be the perfect place for a triathlon, if I say so myself. Nicely kept bike trails which open to some lovely country roads, a flat walking path for a run and a great (and very shallow) lake for swimming in.

It was a little chilly for swimming in so Mr. Daisy and the Youngest Child played on the beach while I swam laps in the swimming area. But what were the teens doing? I think they gave their cell phones a work out!

Unfortunately, the pool is closed at our hotel so we couldn't do laps tonight. Instead we had an impromptu pajama/popcorn party! Minnesota by tomorrow - yea!

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