Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cool Wednesday asks a question about moderation . . .

Today's Cool Wednesday in Minnesota has been cooler than usual.

Temperature wise, it was down into the low 60 degrees F. last night and this morning stayed pretty cold as well. It had been warming up and I was planning on going open water swimming but now - it's raining.

So today's Cool Wednesday items are things that I think make your world cozier. Warmer and nicer - just the stuff for a cold, rainy Wednesday in July.


Okay, I'm sure you've played this game before - I did, too. But it wasn't until my friend Rebecca challenged me on Facebook to a game. "Who has all that spare time?" I thought. She had to poke me several times to get me to play. Well, now I'm hooked. Dear Mr. Daisy and I play online and I play on my phone. And to think I almost threw out that Scrabble Dictionary! Give it a try!


Tonight I made Italian meatballs from that old standby, The Joy of Cooking, only I don't saute them, I bake them for 30 minutes at 350 degrees F. After they cool on their baking pans, I put them into a simple tomato basil sauce and simmer for 30 minutes or more. Serve with spaghetti. Add one loaf of garlic bread and a large salad and you have quite a meal.

Like a lot of people, I subscribe to a CSA and I am currently awash in salad greens. The latest entry of Frugal Upstate has a great article on "What to do with too much lettuce." Man, was I glad to read this!

I may still be the only person unable to grow zucchini but my own home garden is growing much more lettuce than it ever did in the past and I need lots of recipes.

Whales and Mermaids.

Okay, this is making the rounds on the Internet and it is most likely a metaphor and not a true story but - I liked it!

I got it in an email from Puggyknits - who didn't blog about it but her place seems very relaxing so I think you ought to take a look! -and also found it on Confessions of a Kin Major, a sometimes fitness-sometimes life kind of blog.

I love to swim and don't mind terribly that I'm not as skinny as I was in high school - but I also don't think weight is a complete non-issue. I don't plan on skipping 1/4 of my life because of weight-related health issues.

And that question - well, I think it's about moderation. What is just enough to make you feel good but doesn't go to far. All of today's items are connected to this in some way.

See what you think!

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