Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesdays on the road

No, we weren't lost. But our vacation in Western PA has ranged from the woods . . .

to the city. Pittsburgh has some great views! This was from the top of Mount Washington after we rode the Washington incline up from Station Square.

I eventually ripped out the bonnet portion of Lillie's Little Sweater and reknit it on size 5 needles. This is a much better gauge!

I've also been carrying around Mr. Daisy's Gentleman Socks - this pattern has an enormous heel but it fits his very large foot very well. I'm not so sure I like the two needle technique but I'm giving it the old school try.

I only have a few Cool Wednesday sites. According to our friend Alex T., I must be one of three knit bloggers in the world (HA!) but the other two probably want to know about:

Companion Gardening.

When I had a larger garden, I found this technique worked very well.

Also, Yarntini (a Western Pennsylvania favorite!) has an update going out on July 12 over at her Etsy store. I love her color ways! Who wouldn't want a Lemon Drop or a Mimosa?

Well, time to beat back the clouds and collect my family for a trip to Moraine State Park.

Hope you are enjoying your vacation as much as we are!

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GoBigGreen said...

enjoy your vacation:) Glad you found some OW to dip in!