Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Movie Night with the Phasers set on "Limp."

Every so often, we've been trying to spend Friday nights as Movie Night at our house. We've been working through the Harry Potter films and now, we're branching out into the Star Trek films.

Tonight is "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn." Unfortunately, I forgot this is the one with the subplot involving bugs in the ear. Luckily, Youngest Child went upstairs to brush his teeth at that point . . .

I've been working on Mr. Daisy's Gentleman's Sock - while I loved the cable pattern on the leg - I DO NOT like the heel turn and instep. Alas, now that I've gotten this far, I will need to make Second Sock just the same. Drat.

The heel of this sock is quite wide and deep - it looks a little odd laid out flat - but it appears to fit Mr. Daisy.

Look for Second Sock to appear in theses pages. I promise not to complain - much.

Today's Friday Film has a Star Trek theme. I'd love to see Eddie Izzard in real life - this is a bit from one of his shows. I will warn you that some of his language is not "Family Appropriate."

And don't forget to set your Phaser on Limp!!


Knittymama said...

We do Friday night movie night every week. although lately it's been "let the kids sit inside and watch a movie while mom and dad sit in the backyard and have a beer" night!

Guinifer said...

Oh, I think "Oven Left On At Home" would be much more effective in this crowd!