Sunday, July 26, 2009

Whew! From "New to Me" to "Absolutely New"

Well. After a jam packed week of summer camps, computer illnesses and (sadly!) Computer Death, we were able to buy a new laptop and get my data transferred over. An expensive fix but it had to be done.

Today has been a day of exploration as I haven't had a Brand Spanking New Computer for about five years. Shiny! Face recognition! Time Machine! I feel like I've got a computer right out of Torchwood.

I have been able to spend some extra time knitting this week so things haven't all been bad.

I finished my Lillie's Little Sweater, a pattern from Cottage Creations that I've knit before, and picked out the buttons. I love them - green and blue.

The yarn, Spud & Chloe is Blue Sky Alpaca and is very easy to work with. I picked it because of the fresh color and because it is a machine washable wool and cotton blend. New parents are sometimes afraid to wash sweaters so I tried to make it easy for them! And, because the sweater is for a fairly large baby who is almost a year old (Sorry - I fell behind on the knitting!), I made it in the 24-month size.

I was one of the many people who got caught up in the Tour de Fleece. Very unofficially, on my part. I decided to take my spinning wheel on vacation and that meant (in the eyes of Mr. Daisy) that I had to spin every day. I ended up with two nice skeins of Shetland two-ply originally dyed with Cushing Dyes in Reseda Green.

It was fairly fine - maybe worsted weight? - so I doubled it with Cascade 220 Heather in Dark Green to make the popular Snail Hat designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Let me just say it was fun but insomnia and knitting don't mix for me. I couldn't sleep the other night and sat down with some taped "Torchwood: Children of Earth" and my knitting. Well, I thought I was following the pattern but somehow, between an actual pattern error and what I thought I was supposed to be doing - let's just say its a cute hat but not very close to being a snail hat!

Take a look at my hat and then check out the Snail Hat in the book behind it:

Well, it's nice to be back. This week - hmm. Another, Better Snail Hat? Finishing up the Swallowtail Shawl? I blame that on Oldest Daughter. I was going to finish it this weekend and block it out on her bed but she came home from college and spoiled the fun. Perhaps some more on the Gentleman's socks? I am on the instep on sock number one - let's see if I can get to sock number two? Whatever I'm posting, I promise lots and lots of photos! And links! And exclamation points!


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Guinifer said...

I'm saving my Torchwood for a marathon (maybe the first day of school?) Your Spud & Chloe sweater is fantastic!

cosymakes said...

I think you may have done the 5 spiral... which looks very different from the 3 spiral in the pic.