Saturday, August 01, 2009

A long, long Saturday with very little knitting so far!

I don't know why I thought 7:30 a.m. dentist appointments on a Saturday would be good for the kids - I do know it wasn't good for me.

Another thing I don't know is if I am coming down with a summer cold or feeling the effects of some sort of allergy but I have a really sore throat and feel very hot.

Saturday is our day to get things done around the house and I've been sleepwalking through cleaning and shopping. Apparently, my dazed expression has led my family to think I'd like nothing more than a long talk with each of them. The "no talk, sore throat" croak is doing no good.

Now that the last chapter of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" for the day has been read (for every set of math workbook pages Youngest Child does, he gets read a chapter of HP), I'm finally getting to sit down and quietly get some knitting done.

I saw over at Knittymama's blog that she has been trying out some new spinning techniques. I am not so sure that you can see in this photo - for some reason, Blogger won't show it right side up! - but I been reading some different knitting magazines and listening to some new podcasts. So far, I'm still sticking with Interweave Knits but I would so love a subscription to Yarn Forward.

I'd love to visit some of those yarn stores in the UK but even the Yarn Forward subscription is too rich for me right now. We just sent off the check for Middle Daughter's first semester's tuition at college!

Anyway, I was listening to podcasts one night in bed while reading. Meghan over at the Stitch It Podcast was giving some excellent spinning advice about speeds and whorls and I didn't have anything close to take notes on so I simply wrote on the back of a pattern (Lillie's Little Sweater) that was close by. That's my reading pile from next to the bed!

This week's Saturday Seven came about when Youngest Child wore a button-front shirt to church last week that required an undershirt. He tries one on - too small. Next one - too small. Every undershirt was last year's size. Add that to my absolutely favorite of his play tee shirts (from the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian) and the poor boy's closet is getting pretty bare. These will go over to GF Melissa's little boy so I can see them from time to time.

Now that it sounds like YC is in bed, time to break out the dvd of "Coraline" and some knitting. Or maybe I'll just look for the news . . .

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