Thursday, August 06, 2009

A late night Wednesday

meant no post on Wednesday. I know, I know - you felt slighted, didn't you?

Here's something to cheer you up - a few look-sees at this lovely Swallowtail Shawl!

Here it is lighting on the tomato plants!

and finally, settling down on the bench.

It's been a bit delayed due to my needing a second skein (it isn't for me or I would have just cut off a few rows. The second skein came very quickly from the helpful and very quick folks at the Fiber Fix.) And, I admit, losing interest for about a month. But, it's done now and I'll be delivering it to my friend this month.

It's really given me a taste for making another one - this time, for me!

My belated Cool Wednesday item: Nancy Bush and Euny Jang talking about shawls and "nupps." I just love that word!

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stephen said...

The shawl is absolutely beautiful! The gentle flow from one colour into the next deliciously highlights the wonderful patterning.